Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The railroading of Randy Hillier


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On February 22, a motion was passed unanimously in the Ontario legislature condemning independent MPP Randy Hillier for “continued disreputable conduct.”...

Government House leader Paul Calandra, the MPP for Markham-Stouffville, accused Hillier of using social media “to make racist and discriminatory statements about a federal cabinet minister, and for publishing social media posts insinuating a call to violence.”

The outcome of the so-called unanimous vote was the House “demanded” Hillier make written apologies to Omar Alghabra, the federal transport minister, and to the House; that he publish the apologies; and that he desist from further inappropriate conduct. Finally, and most importantly, the motion authorized the Speaker of the House to not recognize Hillier in the House until the Speaker received copies of the written apologies and “is satisfied of their sincerity.”

The Hansard transcript of the entire proceeding is only 175 words long from the moment Calandra began making his motion until the speaker declared it carried. At normal speaking speeds of 150-160 words per minute, this means the whole thing must have happened in just over one minute.

This proceeding shows a blatant disregard for the principles of fundamental justice.

Calandra presented no evidence in support of his allegations. He never even specified the words he alleged to be racist, discriminatory, or an incitement to violence. He gave no opportunity to the accused to refute them. Hillier was not in attendance that day and had been given no advance notice that his conduct would be the subject of any motion.

Much to their discredit, no member of the House then present asked any questions, and no debate was held.   (more...)

The railroading of Randy Hillier

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