Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Is Chrystia Freeland a Nazi?


Chrystia Freeland Canada Finance Minister Ukraine grandfather Nazi politics

Trudeau’s “everything minister,” is a second generation Canadian from Alberta who spent time in journalism before becoming the Liberal MP for Toronto’s University-Rosedale riding in 2015. She’s since served as the Trudeau Liberal government’s Minister of International Trade, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in her current dual role as Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.

Freeland’s maternal grandfather, one Micheal Chomiak, also held important positions in journalism and politics, having been the chief editor of Krakivs’ki Visi (News of Krakow), a propaganda apparatus of the Nazi party during the pre-war and war years, from Krakow, and later from Vienna.

That part isn’t news, of course. Both the progressive and mainstream press have been all over it for years, in spite of Freeland’s efforts to obscure and re-characterize the work of her grandfather, who she was quite fond of.

Canadians might be inclined to write off Freeland’s Nazi heritage, “sins of the father…” and all that, if not for her persistent denials and counter-measures. Freeland has been adamant that it isn’t true! Insisting that it’s all a Russian misinformation campaign aimed at destabilizing Ukrainian democracy, which seems plausible, but it isn’t misinformation if it is true. That’s just regular information.

Freeland’s Ukrainian heritage is important to her. According to McLean’s John Geddes she co-owns an apartment in Kiev with her sister. She worked hard during her tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine, sending Canadian troops to train a Ukrainian battalion of soldiers who are way into that kind of National Socialism. When asked about why they were training modern Nazis, the Department of Defense explained to the Ottawa Citizen that Canadian Armed Forces don’t actually do any vetting of the foreign armies they train before they train them which… oh.  (more...)

Is Chrystia Freeland a Nazi?

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