Saturday, February 26, 2022

Randy Hillier: Police Violence and Possible Coverup


Canada police violence cover-up Ottawa protest freedom convoy Randy Hillier

On February 18th, we saw Canadian citizens attacked and trampled by the overreaching Ottawa Police following our Prime Minister’s enactment of the Emergencies Act. While we were told those who were injured left the area on their own two feet, it is clear with the evidence in my video, not everyone was so lucky. Watch my video showcasing this now scrubbed TikTok video of a recording from a TVA French News broadcast showing what appears to be officers dragging a protester unable to leave on their own.

I have sent a letter to the SIU and Attorney General about this video, you can read that on my website here:

Like, comment, tag, and share this with everyone you know. The people of Canada deserve the truth to be revealed and not what appears to be a coverup by our police.

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