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Charles, Prince of the New Age


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When President George Bush opens the White House doors to Britain's Prince Charles during the latter's mid-February trip to the United States, he will be welcoming one of the world's most prominent embodiments of the Satanic-Gnostic currents now poisoning Western civilization.

Although the Prince-whose immediate ascension to the throne of England has been taken up as a cause celebre by the Druidic order, among other factions of the occult-ridden British Establishment - has never, to our knowledge, openly professed to being a devotee of Gnosticism or other of the so-called alternative religious traditions, there is nevertheless sufficient evidence to merit dubbing him the Prince of the New Age.

Exposing Charles's pagan proclivities takes on special urgency now, given the renewed campaign by the most corrupt elements of the British Establishment to bring the United States under its thumb, through the guise of strengthening the Anglo-American "special relationship."

It is hardly surprising that the Windsor family, whose history has been marked by extreme forms of occult practices and bizarre beliefs, should have spawned someone like Charles, whose conversations with plants and support of "alternative medicine" have drawn ridicule from some of the British press. But it would be a deadly mistake to dismiss these antics as royal idiosyncrasies. In fact, they are only the most innocuous manifestations of a world-view firmly rooted in the anti-Christian Gnostic heresy.

The most telling clues to Charles's true beliefs can be found in his (and his father, Prince Philip's) association with the British networks linked to the Temple of Understanding - Lucis Trust, and, perhaps more importantly, his frequently professed interest in the work of the infamous Carl Jung, the pro-Nazi Swiss psychoanalyst whose Gnostic beliefs and practices earned him the sobriquet, ''The Warlock of Zurich. " At various times over the last decade, the prince has praised Jung's work, asserting that it "makes a great deal of sense in many, many areas."

Charles appears to have been led to Jung (whose grandfather headed the Swiss Freemasons) by the South African-born cultist Laurens van der Post, once a political-military aide to Charles's favorite uncle, Lord Mountbatten, a believer in flying saucers.

Van der Post counted Jung among his closest friends, and emerged as one of Jung's most zealous promoters after his death in 1961. Van der Post has not only authored a biography of Jung (Jung and the Spirit of Our Times) and made a film version of Jung's life, but has traveled around the globe preaching the virtues of Jung's Gnosticism, in which he sees the guidelines for the New Age to come.

In a revealing lecture he delivered to a meeting of the Jung Institute, held at the Tarrytown Conference Center in March 1982, van der Post insisted that reason - "male rationalism" - is the root of political savagery in modem times: "With the Reformation and the French Revolution, male rationalism is in an upswing and takes over. This is the beginning of the horrible totalitarian upsurge represented by Napoleon. It is the male rationalism of the Enlightenment which led to the French Revolution and to the horrible pillaging of Napoleon, all in the name of 'reason.' "

"Because of the advent of science and technology, there has unfortunately been a great narrowing of man's consciousness," he said. "We must unleash the immense energies of the collective unconscious," as detailed in Jung's system.

The future King of England's closeness to this Gnostic fanatic is underscored by his decision to name him one of his first-born's godfathers.   (more...)

Charles, Prince of the New Age

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