Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Home Army Girls – campaign: Poland, I’m in Love


Poland women girls Home Army war history resistance sacrifice

The "Poland, I’m in Love" campaign honors all Home Army members, but this video focuses on young women in its ranks, who fought and lost their lives. Introducing a few medics, couriers, Intelligence operatives and soldiers, we honor thousands these few represent. Take, for instance, Anna Smoleńska, designer of the "Fighting Poland symbol" and victim of KL Auschwitz; take Janina Przysiężniak, courier and medic 7 months pregnant when murdered by communist Security Services; take Zofia Jarkowska-Krauze, fallen in the Warsaw Uprising 18 days after her wedding.

In addition to the stories of these young women, there’s a story behind the video, especially the music. Recently, we were contacted by Mr. Allan Roy Wilson, songwriter, author, and teacher of Lethbridge, Canada, who’d experienced a personal tragedy two decades ago. Mr. Wilson offered us his song, "I Just Want You to Come Home" composed in memory of his late son, as soundtrack for a commemoration project of our choice. The work, very universal in its expression of grief and loss, seemed naturally suited for a video portraying young Home Army women who sacrificed their lives for their country. 

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