Monday, August 3, 2020

Racist occultism in the UK: behind the Order of Nine Angles (O9A)

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Given the recent arrest of a US soldier for conspiring with members of the UK-based occult group the ‘Order of Nine Angles’ (O9A) to orchestrate an attack on fellow soldiers, and with the UK anti-fascist collective Hope not Hate calling for a ban on the O9A after labelling them “an incubator of terrorism”, it is timely to examine the relationship between the extreme right and occultism in the UK, with a focus on the O9A.

Scholarship on the radical right and religion has tended to focus, however, upon “the links between the churches and fascism”. Nevertheless, some occult groups and the extreme radical right also have a long history, with National Socialism in the late 1930s being heavily influenced by a particular genus of racist occultism, often known as ‘Ariosophy’. Worryingly, elements of the same Ariosophic thinking connect a number of recent violent episodes globally.

James Alex Field, who was arrested for murder in Charlottesville, marched alongside a flag depicting the Black Sun (or Sonnenrad), a Nazi symbol drawing on Ariosophic imagery. This same emblem appeared on the cover of the 2019 manifesto published by the Christchurch murderer. The murderer of UK MP Jo Cox,Thomas Mair, also had Ariosophic runic links, subscribing to publications such as the ‘Secret of the Runes’. Furthermore, in 2020 UK teenagers with occult neo-Nazi inclinations were being convicted of terrorist offenses.

Whilst by no means are all occult groups racist (e.g. Heathens Against Hate), a number of US extremist groups have received substantial scholarly attention. Now there is a need, however, to start engaging further with UK-based occult “groupuscules” who are intent on pursuing an ultranationalist overthrow of the liberal-democratic order. This reflects Emilio Gentile’s concept of a “political religion” whose primary aim is to fashion a “new supranational civilisation”. The first and the most violent of these UK groups is the afore-mentioned O9A.  (more...)


  1. I read Physics at Cambridge and know much more about this than I can reveal here. We are tottering on the edge of darkness and the emergence of NAWABS or NAZIS WITH ATOM BOMBS. You MUST
    read the two links below .

    1. Joseph, I've had sufficient contact with the Anglo-American scientific establishment to know that the Nazis infiltrated and control it. We've been tottering on that edge all through the first cold war and into the second. I've visited Cambridge. Great vantage point as the powers that be self-destruct.