Saturday, August 1, 2020

Ex-associate of Andreas Popp, Eva Herman backs German magazine's claims

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SYDNEY, N.S. — A former associate of Andreas Popp and Eva Herman is glad news is out about the Knowledge Factory seminars in Cape Breton and the couple's alleged far-right "doomsday" beliefs.

The German man, who has been living in Cape Breton for 20 years, said he knew the couple well and has witnessed some of the alleged activities outlined in an investigative report done by Der Spiegel, one of Germany's most popular news magazines last week. The story was picked up by Canadian media including the Cape Breton Post.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the former associate said he believes the Der Spiegel article because he has witnessed some of what sources told journalist Dr. Martin Doerry, plus Doerry's reputation for quality reporting. 

"The good thing with Dr. Doerry is ... he doesn't publish anything without having the facts and doing lots of research," he said.

The couple is alleged to be using their week-long Knowledge Factory (Wisseinsmanufaktur) seminars in Cape Breton to help sell lots in certain areas to a select group of elite Germans who have similar far-right ideologies. 

"They are coming over because they don't like Germany anymore. And the only reason they're coming over to Canada is because Popp and Herman promise them, that in their colony if they buy a property and a house from them, they can live here based on the German values from 1933-1945 and nobody disturbs them...They want to be a closed community." 

When he first met the couple, the former associate knew of Herman because of her job as a news anchor for Germany's national broadcaster but hadn't heard of Popp.  

Friends of his in Germany questioned his affiliation with them, leading him to do more research where he found online the couple have social media channels and have written books about their far right-wing views.  (more...)

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