Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Inside the twisted world of ‘rapist’ designer Peter Nygard


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Peter Nygard, the flamboyant Canadian fashion mogul, built a nearly billion-dollar fortune hawking slacks and blouses at Sears, Walmart and his own store in Times Square. Known as a hard-partying Peter Pan, the man Forbes dubbed “The Polyester Phenom” was often surrounded by young women and threw legendary parties at his homes in the Bahamas and Los Angeles.

But it all came to a halt in February when the FBI raided Nygard’s Manhattan office. The bust came just a week after 10 unidentified women filed a federal lawsuit accusing the 78-year-old of a “decades-long sex-trafficking scheme” in which he “recruited, lured, and enticed young, impressionable and often impoverished children and women, with cash payments and false promises of lucrative modeling opportunities” — only to, allegedly, sexually assault and rape them. On April 22, 36 more women joined a class-action complaint against Nygard.

The new book “Predator King: Peter Nygard’s Dark Life of Rape, Drugs and Blackmail” (Hot Books) by Melissa Cronin tells this dark story. (Nygard’s lawyer has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the book’s publisher, according to the mogul’s rep, Ken Frydman, who told The Post that Nygard was not contacted by the writer or publisher about the book. “Peter Nygard denies all allegations in this salacious, so-called book cobbled together by a gossip writer,” Frydman said.) Here, an adapted excerpt chronicles how Nygard allegedly used his power and privilege to take advantage of people.  (more...)

Inside the twisted world of ‘rapist’ designer Peter Nygard


Peter Nygård’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard's two sons accuse him of paying his sex worker girlfriend to rape them when they were just 14 and 15

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