Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Lost Souls: Bavaria, the Thule Society, the SOSJ and the Making of a Revolutionary Faith

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The Thule Society has fascinated conspiracy theorists for decades and the German state of Bavaria for even longer. Thule has of course been put forth as the smoking gun for the occult roots of Nazism by a host of different sources since 1960 while Bavaria is linked to one of the true institutions of conspiracy culture: the Illuminati. It was this region, after all, that spawned Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati order on May Day 1776 and in the centuries that have followed the infamy associated with both this secret society and Bavaria itself have only been compounded by a host of wild speculations. But even more interesting is the virtual silence of the conspiratorial right concerning many of the curious and highly secretive organizations that developed there in the 1918-1923 period that shall soon be examined.

Naturally mainstream historians have largely chosen to ignore the Thule Society all together as well as the host of strange organizations that appeared in Bavaria in the wake of World War I despite compelling evidence linking these things to the rise of Nazism. This has created a vacuum that the conspiratorial right was all to happy to fill. As a result, there are a lot of ridiculous claims concerning both Thule and Bavaria floating around conspiracy literature and the Internet. As such, I feel compelled to begin this series by breaking down what the Thule Society was not before getting into its real historic significance.

The same should arguably be done for the region of Bavaria itself as well, but such a topic is beyond the scope of this present series. I do hope, however, that this series will make it clear that Bavaria wasn't exactly the fertile soil for some type of radical communistic revolution as it is commonly depicted. In point of fact, post-WWI Bavaria spawned a reactionary (counter)revolutionary faith that is still being felt nearly a century later. Possibly its most lasting impact on the United States was the potential influence the political climate of the region had on a bizarre secret society known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John...  (more...)

An exploration of the strangeness that has emerged from Bavaria, and why expectations of Catholic renewal from Regensburg are wildly misplaced.


Blessing of the Bonesmen

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