Saturday, July 21, 2018

Police investigating alleged racist incident caught on camera at London, Ont. grocery store

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Your friendly neighborhood ethnic cleanser
Police in London, Ont. say their hate crime unit is investigating an altercation between two men at a local grocery store.

In a now widely-shared Facebook video, a man appears to be blocking the path of another man at the checkout area of a Sobeys.

A man in a red shirt holds a phone to his ear while preventing a man in a hoodie from leaving the store.

The video, posted by Facebook user Katie Pocasangre Montoya on July 17, has since been viewed nearly two million times.

In her post, Montyoa claims the man in the red shirt called the other an “illegal alien” and demanded to see his “Canadian documentation.”

The man in the hoodie can be heard saying “don’t touch me” and “I want to leave, stop assaulting me” while the other man continues to obstruct his path.

Const. Michelle Romano said there was some sort of argument between the two inside the store before the altercation at the checkout, though it’s unclear what it was about.

Despite this, she said the actions of the man in the red shirt are “quite disturbing.”

“That’s why our hate crime unit is looking into the matter,” she said. “Currently, we’re investigating the incident as a possible hate-motivated crime.”

Police received multiple calls from customers in the store about the altercation while it was going on. Once they arrived and spoke to the men, police said both the men “left the store peacefully.”

Romano said the victim chose not to press charges.  (more...)

That's South Onterrornazi for you:

fascism abuse crime Islam hate immigration violence vigilantes islamphobia

Yes, social conservatism is used by organized fascism as a recruiting device. I've become very cautious about who I affirm and legitimize. There are some very unwelcome passengers on the big blue bus.

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