Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another DoFo Fascist Bromance? Matteo Salvini and the dirt of Italy

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Salvini's fash rosary
In this 2009 video, Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Home Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, sings about the dirty smell (puzza) produced by people so disgusting that even animals run away from them. Surrounded by his enthusiastic fans, who hail him: ‘Matteo is the group leader, Matteo is the group leader!’ Salvini joins in the choir; he sings: “Do you smell the stench? Even the dogs run away; (it’s because) the Neapolitans are about to arrive. They carry cholera; they are living earthquakes. You, Neapolitans, have never washed yourself with soap.”

Anyone who knows anything about the party Salvini represents, the Lega, will understand that “Neapolitan” in their jargon more often than not refers to Southern Italians as a whole. Salvini encourages others to sing that they stink (a dirty race) and carry a disease (‘cholera’); the reference to an ‘earthquake’ (terremotati) is used as an insult to denote people destined to bring disgrace upon themselves and then claim assistance and other benefits from the taxpayers. Is Salvini a racist and perhaps a bit of a fascist, people ask? But more importantly, is he the catalyst who can weaponize the deep seated racist and fascist sentiments of Italians “born with a blackshirt” – adding significant weight to the already present resurgence of fascism in Europe?  (more...)

OK DoFo, you still gonna keep the money?

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