Friday, December 29, 2017

Culture war in our schools

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A culture war is on in Manitoba’s public educational system, particularly in universities that used to be all about “higher education.”

Recent evidence from the University of Toronto, Wilfred Laurier, and a number of other Canadian universities shows that, in the soft disciplines (Arts, Humanities, Social Work, Education), what is going on is more likely indoctrination than education.

The Faculty of Education of the University of Manitoba is on the forefront of political indoctrination. The Faculty selects 45% of incoming students on the basis of self-identities. Applicants can identify themselves as gay, multi-sexual, Indigenous, physically handicapped, mentally disabled, and non-White.

Those belonging to one or more of those so-called “marginalized” groups receive special treatment in seeking admission to the teachers’ education program. Will students lie when saying they belong to a “marginal” group? Why not, no one checks to see if their claims are true.  (more...)

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