Friday, October 27, 2017

Why deny the Ukrainian Nazi connection?

The Russian Embassy in Ottawa has created quite the controversy with its latest tweets about Nazi monuments in Canada.

“There are monumets (sic) to Nazi collaborators in Canada and nobody is doing anything about it,” one of the tweets noted.

A monument in Oakville commemorates those who served with the 14th SS Galizien Division (aka 1st Galician/Galizien or the 1st Ukrainian Division). Another monument in Edmonton honors Roman Shukhevych, the leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The Russian tweets were quickly denounced as “fake news.”

The Russians, said some historians, were trying to undermine the Canadian government with false claims. Those being honoured by the monuments weren’t Nazi collaborators, they stated.

Even B’nai Brith denounced the Russian tweets. “Clearly, if there actually are monuments to Nazis in Canada we would be quite concerned about that,” Aidan Fishman, the interim director of B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights told my Postmedia colleague Marie-Danielle Smith. “The Russian government sometimes uses the word ‘Nazi, ‘especially in the context of the Ukrainian conflict, with somewhat broader meaning than other groups would use it.”

Now the Russians are more than happy to try to embarrass the Canadian government, which has steadfastly stood behind the Ukrainian government in the ongoing conflict in the region. Suggesting that Canada allows monuments to Nazi collaborators seems to fit that bill.

But in this case the Russian tweets aren’t fake news. They are accurate.

Those who served in the SS Galizien Division were Nazi collaborators.

So too was Roman Shukhevych.  (more...)



  1. The reason for this denial is very simple: the hatred of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The "west" cannot stomach a return to influence of the Russian Orthodox Church. This also accounts for the never-ending war mongering of the neo-cons in Washington and elsewhere about the alleged meddling of Russia. It is interesting to note that the neo-cons themselves run a number of actually very, very influential internationalist groups that control, or at minimum, impose a tremendous influence of (e.g.) US foreign policy in the Middle East. With AIPAC, the neo-cons have managed to keep the Middle East in a virtual state of war for decades. Sadly, these neo-con war-mongers have also infiltrated the Catholic Church, who reflects the globalist agenda more and more.

    1. What a disaster for Satan's minions would be the reconciliation of the Orthodox and Catholics! See how they tremble before the image of Our Lady of Kazan.