Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kleptocrat: How to Hide Dirty Money

You are a corrupt politician, and you just got paid.

Can you hide your dirty money from 
The Investigator...

...and cover your tracks well enough to enjoy it?

Kleptocrat is a unique game of strategy and tactics, based on real-life patterns of money laundering and offshore structuring that have been used by actual corrupt public officials... that is, until they got caught.

This game, created by The Mintz Group, a global investigative firm that specializes in tracing assets, offers you insight into the strategies of the corrupt, as well as those who are trying to bring them to justice.

To win, you need to understand the risk factors at play as you:

  • Move your money
  • Cover your tracks
  • Choose associates to trust
  • Live large

Catholics look forward to an Unholy Trinity edition:

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