Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bean Counter Carnage: The Pope's Armed Guard, According To the Former Vatican Auditor

On the afternoon of Sunday, September 24, the press office of the Holy See issued the following statement:
“The Holy See takes cognizance with surprise and regret of the statements released by Mr. Libero Milone, former Auditor General. In this way he has fallen short of the agreement to keep confidential the reasons for his resignation of the Office. It is recalled that, on the basis of the Statutes, the task of the Auditor General is that of analyzing the balance sheets and accounts of the Holy See and of its associated administrations. It turns out, unfortunately, that the Office directed by Mr. Milone, going beyond its authority, illegally engaged an outside Company to carry out investigative activities on the private lives of representatives of the Holy See. 
“This, in addition to constituting a crime, irreparably damaged the trust placed in Mr. Milone, who, confronted with his actions, freely agreed to submit his resignation. Assurance is given, finally, that the inquiries were conducted with every scruple and with respect for the person.”
The statement is referring to the interview with Libero Milone in “Corriere della Sera,” the “Wall Street Journal,” the agency “Reuters,” and on SkyTg24, made public on the morning of the same day:

Milone’s resignation dates back to last June 19. Without any explanation, at the time, from him or from the Holy See.

After the summer, however, the former auditor general - who says he is “one thousand percent innocent” - decided to reveal to four journalistic outlets gathered at his lawyer’s office what really happened that day.  (more...)

Strange how the Vatican Bank's accounts are such a third rail. Tedeschi, Pell, ... and now Milone. Do the Swiss Guards do more than provide physical security at the Vatican?

Dead men tell no secrets.

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