Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Trump effect and the normalization of hate in Quebec

There was a time when Daniel Gallant got up in the morning looking for his first fight. “I decided to
commit one assault a day, to show allegiance to my group”
There was a time when Daniel Gallant would get up in the morning looking for his first fight.

“I decided to show my dedication to the movement by committing an assault every day for a year,” said the former white supremacist, listing off his weapons of choice: his fists, a beer stein, a car door, billy clubs, a hockey stick.

Now Gallant, 41, who has turned the Swastika tattoo on his stomach into a raven, is trying to prevent others from following in his steel-toed boot steps down the same violent path.

His job just got tougher with the election of Donald Trump, he says.

David Duke, the former “imperial wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan who was running for the senate in Louisiana, was among the first to congratulate Trump on his election night victory, claiming some of the credit for his campaign.

Duke himself lost, but hours later, the KKK marched on the streets of North Carolina. They are planning a “victory parade” Dec. 3.

If anyone thought Trump, now elected, would distance himself from his more extreme backers, they will have to think again: Trump just named his campaign chief Steve Bannon –  the founder of the alt-right website Breitbart, and widely seen as racist, misogynist and anti-semitic – as his chief strategist and “senior counsellor.”  (more...)



  1. I don't know what you are all smoking up there in Canada, but to cast aspersions on Trump because David Duke celebrated, or the KKK is marching, is absurd. What a specious connection, and there is no connection between Donald Trump and white supremicists, except in the bizarre minds of seriously freaked out liberals, who are practically psychotic over this election. I mean, unhinged.
    I don't know much about Steven Bannon, but Breitbart news is a reliable news organization, but again, not to the rabid left, who would prefer conservatives have NO news outlets at all, since the mainstream news is totally controlled by the left and they lament and cry if conservatives have even one. Why do we need that one??
    It has become a sin or a crime for Caucasian people to decide that voting for a man because of his skin color, ala Barack Hussein Obama, was a mistake. Here comes Donald Trump, who has the temerity to have white skin, and a lot of white people voted for him. They didn't vote for him because of his white skin, but because he had the particular qualities we recognize we need at this particular juncture, he is unafraid of the media and cultural Marxists. We needed both of those qualities in spades and he has it. If people want to say it is because of some connection to the "KKK", then I say people have lost their intellectual capacities and are no longer able to use reason, facts, and logic to back up their opinions.

  2. It's instructive to watch people on both sides of the dialectic have conniptions. That seems to have been the plan. Conservative need to learn that their home is neither on the left or on the right. Hegel's game is for useful idiots. The oligarchs -- the real puppetmasters -- are all in bed together, and the politicians are just their sock puppets.