Friday, November 18, 2016

Ottawa mosque, church vandalized with slurs and swastikas following three similar attacks this week

Ottawa has had another two new graffiti attacks on places of worship — this time at Parkdale United Church and the Ottawa Mosque on Northwestern Avenue.

Some sprayed swastikas and slurs about black people on the doors of the church at Parkdale and Gladstone avenues on Thursday night.

“There is an emboldening that has taken place, I believe,” said Dr. Anthony Bailey, the church’s pastor. “I don’t think it’s just one person or one group. I think that they are elements within our city that contribute to this kind of hateful speech.”

“I know that my brothers over in the Muslim community have it happening fairly regularly. They don’t report it all the time because they’re fearful it creates copycats.

“Ottawa is a wonderful place but it has some issues that sometimes are not understood by (people unfamiliar with the experiences of different races).”

There were more swastikas, slurs and “go home” spray-painted on the Ottawa Mosque on Northwestern Avenue.  (more...)

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