Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Calls grow for recount of U.S. vote amid concerns about Russian hacking

As the U.S. election wore down, Donald Trump repeatedly warned the process could be “rigged,” refusing to even say if he would accept results that didn’t favour him.

Two weeks after Trump’s stunning victory, the spectre of a fixed vote is suddenly emerging again, but this time academics and election-rights advocates are suggesting the Republican himself might have benefited.

And they’re raising the possibility that a foreign nation — namely, Russia — may have distorted the free vote in a country that often calls itself the world’s greatest democracy.

A number of experts with suspicions are pushing for recounts in certain swing states that Trump captured — counter to a string of pre-election polls — or at least audits of randomly selected votes.

The United States’ wholesale shift to electronic balloting after the 2000 Florida recount — with its punch cards and hanging “chads” — has left the systems open to outside, malicious tampering, elections-systems specialists warn.  (more...)

The Russians? The lamestream press lacks imagination:


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