Friday, October 14, 2016

Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich


Martin Bormann was one of Hitler's trusted right hand men during the Nazi's quest for world domination. This book shows that he was also a very clever and elusive fugitive from war crimes justice tribunals. Using his connections and vast looted wealth he bought his way into Peron's Argentina where he enoyed a multi-year new "lease on life." He comes across as a swashbuckling modern day pirate who managed to stay one step ahead of his pursuers unlike his former partner in crime --- Adolph Eichman.

Former intelligence operative Ladislas Farago does a great job of presenting the hard evidence that he uncovered. Through sources and paperwork found within the government of Argentina he makes the case that Martin Bormann lived there beginning in 1948 and throughout Latin America until he died sometime in the early 1970's. The author personally tracked him down and met him face to face at the hospital where he was being cared for.


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