Friday, October 14, 2016

Paedo Pete: Time To Lower Age Of Consent

Campaigner Peter Tatchell explains why he believes the age of consent should be lowered.

Talking to LBC’s Lucy Beresford on the sex and relationships show, he said that he doesn’t believed children should have sex early, but that as so many of them do, it is wrong to criminalise them.

“I think it is best that young people wait. I do not think early sex is a good idea. But If young people do have consensual sex and they are below the age of sixteen I don’t think they should be treated as criminals.”

“Criminalisation is the wrong approach and the fact is whether we like it or not, half you young people have their first sexual experience around about the age of 13-14, who according to the law are all criminals and all liable to be put on the sex offenders register.”  (more...)

Ontario won't be far behind.

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  1. This is what perverts, pedophiles, and homosexual predators have been waiting for, and we must take a stand on this issue and never back down, never! You may NOT have our children, nor any other children. The children of horrible parents, that don't give a darn, you may not have. To hell with you, minions of satan, you will not fool us nor convince us to let you drop that age ONE year, not one! People of God, fight for children everywhere, and slam this door shut wherever you encounter it. Do not listen to Satan's lies, there is nothing here to sympathize with or empathize with. This is vile. This is evil. Do not entertain evil. We cannot allow these predators, these monsters, to have their way with children or young people. Never! Please Jesus, equip us to fight them to the last on this.