Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why The Left-Right Dichotomy is Political Conservative-Bait: America's Nazi Secret

...Much of [John Loftus]’s work highlights malfeasance on a vast scale, centered in the United States on Justice and State Department elements.

Those elements, in turn, were executing the political and economic will of the Robber Barons–monopolistic industrialists and financiers whose collective efforts manifest ted as the Gilded Age in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Curbed by the Theodore Roosevelt’s Anti-Trust Act, the “Malefactors of Great Wealth” (as TR called them) secured the passing of the Webb-Pomerene act, a loophole that precipitated much of the disastrous history of the twentieth century.

Decrying what they viewed as excessive and restrictive “regulation” here in the United States, U.S.-based transnational corporations invested their profits from the industrial boom of the 1920’s abroad, primarily in Japan and Germany. This process might well be viewed as the real beginning of what is now known as “globalization.”

...Seeking to dominate the global economy, the “Malefactors” sought to fuse the totalitarian states of Nazi Germany, the U.S.S.R. and Saudi Arabia, dominating the fossil fuels industry and creating indissoluble industrial cartels.

Far from being brought to justice for their active treason against the United States, the Robber Barons and their enablers successfully hid their wrongdoing.

John points out that, at the end of World War II, (Sullivan and Cromwell partner and OSS officer) Allen Dulles created a mechanism for covering up the profound involvement of many dominant elements of the U.S. power elite with the Axis, Nazi Germany in particular.

That mechanism was an intelligence network composed of much of the cream of the Nazi national security establishment, to be put to work for the United States–ostensibly at least.  (more...)

 America's Nazi Secret

My own recollections and observations support the contention that my alma matter and several of my military-industrial employers were involved in sheep-dipping the dregs of the Third Reich. Our new national anthem: Seig Heil Canada.

As American as apple pie

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