Thursday, July 21, 2016

Anglican Archbishop of Perth Roger Herft allegedly failed to report paedophile Peter Rushton to police

Archbishop of Perth Roger Herft wrote that the complaint
"left me in an unenviable position".
One of the nation's most senior Anglicans, the Archbishop of Perth, Roger Herft, received complaints about a priest involved in a paedophile ring but allegedly failed to formally report him to police, according to an Anglican Church insider.

7.30 has obtained a confidential note showing Archbishop Herft received a complaint about Father Peter Rushton's abuse when they both worked in the Hunter region of New South Wales in 2002.

Archbishop Herft wrote that the complaint "left me in an unenviable position" because "Father Peter had my licence [to be a priest] and if he reoffended I would be held liable as I now had prior knowledge of his alleged behaviour".

Director of professional standards for the Newcastle diocese, Michael Elliott, said there was no record of Archbishop Herft contacting police about allegations regarding Rushton.

Archbishop Herft has said it was inappropriate for him to respond to 7.30 because of the royal commission hearings in Newcastle.

In 2010 the Anglican Church revealed that Rushton was a notorious paedophile.

Victims have come forward to tell 7.30 how they were raped and sexually assaulted by him and other abusers.  (more...)


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