Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One paedophile arrested every day in Scotland

MORE than one paedophile a day has been arrested in Scotland for sexually exploiting children online in the past three years.

The Record can reveal more than 2000 suspects, from professionals to pensioners, have been investigated for ­sickening offences since Police Scotland was set up in April 2013.

To date, 1700 ­predators have been charged with crimes against the most vulnerable, including newborn babies.

Detective Chief Superintendent Lesley Boal, the force’s head of public ​protection, said: ­“Sometimes we dress it up and refer to indecent images and sexual abuse.

“We need to spell out what it means. It is the rape of children, from toddlers to

In the first of a series of special reports we look at the scale of the problem.

We also examine offending behaviour that will chill the blood of every parent.

And we highlight how to protect kids from groomers who use mobile phone technology to target them via chatrooms and social networking sites.  (more...)

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