Monday, July 18, 2016

Britain helped bequeath Naziism to the Muslim world

Former Federal prosecutor, John Loftus, uncovers "America's Nazi Secrets" to Holocaust survivors

John Loftus says the U.S. employed Euro and Arab Nazis (Muslim Brotherhood, Osama) against Russia and Israel. Author of "The Secret War Against the Jews," and "America's Nazi Secret" addresses an audience of gathered Holocaust survivors (and their descendants) at L.A.'s Holocaust Remembrance Day on the topics of American and British complicity in both financing of the Nazis (and Islamofascists) - and then arranging to provide safe harbor for escaping Nazi criminals to their countries.

The Justice Department, Mr. Loftus's research reveals, obstructed Congressional investigations, including concealing from 9/11 investigators the role of U.S.-recruited Arab Nazi war criminals, the Muslim Brotherhood, in recruiting modern, middle-eastern terrorist groups, the Mujahadeen. Muslim Brotherhood off-shoot, Hamas, is the Palestinian heir to the Nazi ideology of eradication of the Jews.


If you were on campus at the University of Toronto, an Oxbridge knock-off, in the 1970's, you could witness the sheep-dipping of Nazi/fascist emigres, the wooing of the Saudis, and the cultivation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Toronto has a very rich terrorist subculture. The Nazi underground is still around.

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