Friday, July 1, 2016

Students give teachers failing grade on reports

Thamima Rahman, a Grade 9 student at Marc Garneau Collegiate whose friends
call her Timmy, is disappointed teachers didn't put comments on report cards
Toronto high school students are giving teachers poor marks for a year of report cards with no personal comments.

“Students have been confused all year as to why this is occurring, because the comments serve as a guide for how you can improve,” said Grade 12 student Hamima Fattah, an outgoing student trustee for the Toronto District School Board.

Some 75,000 teens across the TDSB received final report cards Thursday with no comments about their performance, as has been the case since teachers launched a work-to-rule last fall.

There will also be only an “S” for satisfactory beside six learning skills and work habits. Teachers normally give a ranking of E for Excellent, G for Good, S for Satisfactory or N for Needs Improvement in the categories of responsibility, independent work, initiative, organization, collaboration and self-regulation.  (more...)

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