Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sex education: Critics blast new teachings planned in Waterloo Region

WATERLOO REGION — Critics railed against Ontario's new sex education teachings, filling a meeting of the public school board Monday.

Speakers said the new curriculum puts children in danger, steals their innocence, and encourages high-risk sexual behaviour. Critics were despairing, emotional, sometimes angry.

"I have deep concerns," said Quande Ren, father of three. "Traditional values have been removed from the classroom."

"Childhood is a time for innocence," said Nataliya Ukhanov, a mother of three. The new curriculum "will cause the next generation to become sicker, more crazy."

"It is literally poisoning our kids," Ron Kraishnik said, citing concerns he attributes to Serbian parents.  (more...)

Artfully dodging the message at Queen's Park:

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