Monday, June 22, 2015

Here's one simple thing concerned parents can do today to protest Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum

Marissa Semkiw of The Rebel.Media reports that Premier Wynne has told parents she wants to be "partners" in education, yet she has been ignoring their concerns about the sexually explicit sex ed curriculum for months.

Concerned Ontarians who come from all walks of life, have been attending protests to make their concerns known, but they are all dismissed by the Premier as "homophobic" and by Education Minister Sandal as "misinformed". This disdain for their legitimate concerns explains why more parents are opting for alternatives to the public education system but we're all paying for a public system anyway.

Join us in the fight to defend parental rights by signing our petition, chipping in to get our radio ads on the air and spreading the word to your friends and family by visiting and sharing our website at:

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