Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ontario minister Chan demands Globe apologize for reports of CSIS warning

Ontario Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, Michael Chan
in Nanjing China for a trade mission in October 2014. The Globe and Mail revealed
that in 2010, CSIS warned Queen’s Park that Chan may be susceptible
to foreign influence.
Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan is disputing reports in The Globe and Mail that said CSIS warned Queen’s Park in 2010 about concerns he was susceptible to foreign interference.

In a statement, which was delivered on Monday to reporters at the legislature, Mr. Chan called the Globe articles a “deeply offensive personal attack” and demanded an apology and retraction. He claimed that the reporting, conducted over a period of 10 months, was “little more than a re-hash of ludicrous allegations published – and debunked – five years ago.”

Last week, The Globe report revealed for the first time that Mr. Chan was one of the Crown ministers former Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Richard Fadden was referring to when he suggested publicly in June, 2010, that the spy agency believed two provincial ministers were susceptible to foreign influence, a sweeping observation that drew wide criticism.  (more...)

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