Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Toronto Catholic trustees: status-quo is re-elected, what happened?

Ontario's Municipal election 2014 is over and the results have been recorded. Most people in Toronto and the media are talking about John Tory and his victory as the new mayor, and that the majority of the incumbent councillors were re-elected. We, however, are concerned with the fact that at Toronto Catholic District School Board little has changed. Mike Del Grande was elected and will replace his son John. Joseph Martino will also be a new face at the board. But the board will continue to consist of trustees who voted for the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy which became Ontario law with Bill 13.

There's no need to go over the details of the policy in this posting. Suffice to say that Everyday for Life Canada has tried to document how the policy contradicts Catholic teaching. It promotes an anti-Christian definition of the human person, sexuality, marriage and the family. Catholic schools are to say yes to homosexual gay/straight school clubs and to abortion as a "reproductive right." The fact that this is totally against Catholic teaching didn't stop most trustees from voting in these changes by passing the "Equity Strategy." With the exception of the new trustee Joseph Martino, here's a list of those that voted for the policies of political correctness and yet last night managed to get re-elected: Sal Piccininni, Frank D'Amico, Jo-Ann Davis, Nancy Crawford, Ann Andrachuck, Maria Rizzo and Barbara Poplawski.  (more...)

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