Sunday, October 12, 2014

The latest chapter in the great transphobia witch hunt at the Toronto District School Board

I had thought, incorrectly, that the outrage from left-wing and homosexual activists over a tweet by Sam Sotiropoulos, a TDSB trustee, had finally died down.

After tweeting on August 29 that he "reserves the right" to believe transgenderism does not exist due to a lack of scientific evidence of it, the trustee has been the target of a witch hunt.  Activists and radicals have heaped vile insults upon him and called for his resignation.

Attempts have been made (both from outside the school board and apparently from within it) to censure the trustee, but the TDSB General Counsel rejected the idea that Sotiropoulos should be censored to disciplined in any way.

Instead, the TDSB chair Mari Rutka published a statement distancing the board from the trustee's comments (although without referencing the trustee specifically.)

I thought (as I wrote in the earlier blog post) that this statement would have closed the matter.

Turns out I was wrong.  (more...)

Get the whole story at Subway to Damascus:

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