Saturday, June 22, 2024

Israel Turns Gaza Conflict Into Record Arms Sales


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For the third consecutive year Israeli weapons sales hit a record high in 2023, reflecting a trend in which there is a direct correlation between Palestinian deaths inflicted and the amount of revenue generated by Israel’s weapons industry.

Despite calls from leading human rights groups and UN experts for nations to halt weapons transfers to Israel, the flow of military equipment continues largely unimpeded. Concerns have been raised that supplier countries could be held accountable for violations of international law. This concern is particularly pertinent for Israel’s two largest weapons suppliers, the United States and Germany. However, another issue receiving less attention is the ongoing purchase of Israeli military technology by other nations, marketed by Israel’s leadership on behalf of its private weapons companies.

Statistics released by the Israeli Defense Ministry on Monday revealed that the country’s weapons exports skyrocketed last year, valued at a record $13 billion. This marks a $500 million increase from the previous year and roughly double the amount of exports from five years ago. The Asia and Pacific region accounted for nearly half of all sales, Europe for 35%, and North America for 9%.

In a statement, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant emphasized the dual focus of Israel’s defense industries. “While our industries are primarily focused on providing the defense establishment with the capabilities to support our troops and defend our citizens, they are also continuing to pursue areas of cooperation and exports to international partners,” he said.  (more...)

Israel Turns Gaza Conflict Into Record Arms Sales

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