Monday, October 24, 2022

It’s not ‘progressive’ to label pacifists ‘Putin stooges’


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Promoting a proxy war with Russia isn’t progressive and it’s time to challenge leftists supporting NATO’s dangerous escalation in Ukraine.

Last week two protesters interrupted Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ town hall to denounce her support for Washington’s proxy conflict with Russia. “You voted to send arms and weapons to Ukraine,” yelled Jose Varga. “You’re voting to start a third [world war or] nuclear war with Russia and China”. The three-minute video has 7.6 million views on Twitter and received significant media attention. It has hopefully rattled AOC’s followers and emboldened others to challenge progressives backing the proxy war.

Many North American leftists and liberals have aligned with NATO and the military industrial complex. NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson supports sending more weapons to fight Russia and opposes negotiations. When it recently came to light that the new premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, opposed NATO expansion and called for negotiations on Ukraine, McPherson denounced her. She said Smith “doesn’t stand with Ukraine” and “thinks Ukrainians should just submit to Russia’s illegal, genocidal invasion.” For his part, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh quote tweeted McPherson and added that federal Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre had failed to “condemn her dangerous words”.  (more...)

It’s not ‘progressive’ to label pacifists ‘Putin stooges’

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