Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Freeland’s ‘new’ alliance more of same old pro-US policies


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Real internationalism requires a proper assessment of global power dynamics, capacity to see through stark media bias and willingness to hold one’s own government accountable. As such, it trips up liberals who fundamentally trust the media and worry about being isolated from power.

Recently Chrystia Freeland delivered a speech at the influential Brookings Institute in Washington DC where she laid out the case for “friend-shoring” and building a new alliance of democracies. In the question period Freeland responded to an attendee’s question about Ukraine drawing resources that may have otherwise gone to his West African country by telling him Africans needed a leader like Volodymyr Zelenskyy and a willingness to die for democracy. Condescending at best and racist at worst, Freeland’s response was widely criticized by leftists on Twitter.

But the lead columnist at the supposedly progressive National Observer, Max Fawcett, praised Freeland noting, “it’s onthe global stage where she truly shines. The latest example came in a speech she delivered at a Brookings Institution event in Washington, D.C., laying out her vision of the new world order that needs to unfold in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

In response Jeremy Appel mocked Fawcett as “Freeland’s number one sycophant in the Canadian media.” But Fawcett didn’t back down and instead went on the offensive. “Trudeau may trigger conservatives, but Chrystia Freeland absolutely owns the far-left,” he tweeted.

Fawcett’s suggestion that the far left’s criticism of Freeland is unhealthy is nonsense.  (more...)

Freeland’s ‘new’ alliance more of same old pro-US policies

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