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The Mideast and the 'Black International'


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By the mid- 1950s, less than ten years after the military dismemberment of the Third Reich, the apparatus for the coming "Fourth Reich" was already in place. In a July 1983 interview with Swiss Radio, SS Gen. Karl Wolff stated, "We are greatly indebted to François Genoud. His contributions following the war were of immeasurable value to us. Without him we would not have survived!" - a compliment of which Genoud is justly proud. In February 1984, he told Stern magazine: "Everyone has his hobby; mine is to help people like him," by which he meant the SS "Butcher of Lyons" Klaus Barbie.

Genoud has traveled a great deal over the last thirty years in pursuit of his "hobby." Immediately after the war he turned up in Tangiers, the neutral zone where the spies and intelligence services of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe could hold their rendezvous. During the war Tangiers had been a center of the Nazi secret service. Besides Genoud, following the war, General Wolff, General Ramcke, Gen. Hans Rudel, SS Captain Reichenberg, SS Colonel Skorzeny and numerous others took up residence there, and repeatedly turned up as Genoud's closest collaborators. This was especially the case during 1952-56, when the entire pack could be found back together in Cairo, together with their old friends, the Grand Mufti al-Husseini and Hjalmar Schacht.

Before he went to Cairo, Genoud appeared in public once - more in 1951, although very discreetly, when he helped found the Black International in Malmo, which was later named the Malmo International. Genoud, who then withdrew from active political life, was the actual godfather of this organization of unrepentant fascists.

Among those present at the founding meeting in Malmo were the previously mentioned Gaston Amaudruz, Per Engdahl from Sweden, the former German SS officers Heinz Priester and Fritz Richter, Pierre Clementi _ of the French Volunteer Division of the Vichy regime, Sir Oswald Mosley from Great Britain, and Count Loredan from Italy. Their stated purpose was to found the "European Social Movement" for a "New European Order." This "movement" has been the spawning ground for every neo-Nazi organization of the past thirty years, and Lausanne and Malmo have served as coordination centers.   (more...)

The Mideast and the 'Black International'

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