Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Randy Hillier gets bail – but also gets silenced


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As I’ve mentioned on Western Standard previously, I’ve known Ontario MPP Randy Hillier for about 20 years. I’ve found myself in agreement with him on every important issue I can think of over that time. The pandemic was no exception. I admired his courage in publicly opposing Ontario’s official government narrative about lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccination mandates. I applauded his denunciation of the tyrannical federal policies that led to the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. 

Therefore, when I received a message early Monday morning (March 28) saying that Randy was being charged with nine Criminal Code offences (see image below) and would be surrendering to the Ottawa police that day, I was alarmed. I knew he had been accumulating provincial charges for various No More Lockdowns protests he had organized and attended around the province, but sources have been telling me that many charges of this kind are being delayed and ultimately dropped by prosecutors who don’t want to face a well-thought-out Charter challenge.

Criminal Code charges by the Ottawa police were a different kettle of fish.  (more...)

Randy Hillier gets bail – but also gets silenced

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