Monday, March 7, 2022

2022: Canada, Ukraine, and the “Great Reset Unmasking”


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Contrary to the typical conspiracy theories where everything goes “perfectly according to plan,” it appears that the Western financial elites aren’t what they used to be. The hereditary “blue-bloods” of the Western world have become too comfortable and indolent—too blinded by their pride and hubris—to recognize the burgeoning sea-change brewing beneath their modern Tower of Babel. So the current strategic reality in the Western world has become increasingly more nuanced and dynamic, pregnant with both the possibilities for potential real change or deep civilizational abysses.

Regardless, it turns out that B-movie bond villains like Klaus Schwab bragging about how many “Young Global Leaders” the World Economic Forum (WEF) has inserted into government cabinet positions isn’t as impressive a feat as it might sound. In fact, Schwab’s bragging and being “proud” of leaders like Canada’s Justin Trudeau and New Zealand’s Jacintha Ardern may actually forebode that the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plans and its soulless Liberal Borg Cube can be defeated.

While the neo-feudal Malthusian oligarchs and their technocratic managers who rule over the Trans-Atlantic region and its central banks may be clever, they are by no means intelligent; they have operated based on the same limited playbook and set of formulas for many decades. Their success has depended on the level of dialogue and discourse in society never exceeding a certain threshold or quality of thought, and always remaining polarized by simplistic notions of left and right which easily fit into a controllable narrative matrix. When this playbook and its narratives are challenged with asymmetric responses and creative non-linear developments, the mask begins to fall.  (more...)

2022: Canada, Ukraine, and the “Great Reset Unmasking”

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