Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Ontario's key vaccine passport adviser resigns, leaves Canada


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A week after Rebel News reported on his connections to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Peter Jüni announced he's taking a job at Oxford University in England.

The media continues to amplify the “experts” at the Ontario Science Table (OST) without disclosing their declared conflicts of interest. Those same experts lobby and advise the Ontario government on pandemic policy unchecked. Oddly enough, a mere week after I reported on the directors’ conflicts, he announced his resignation from the OST and subsequent plans to leave the country.

In a report that I did that went out on March 7, 2022 outlining Dr. Peter Jüni, the scientific director of the OST and his conflicts of interest, I highlighted his connections to the medical biotechnology space and pharmaceutical industries.

These connections appear mostly in the form of grants and funding contributions to his employer, St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto, which fall under the umbrella of Unity Health Toronto. Dr. Jüni is paid around $300,000 dollars a year by this institution.

Shortly after my report went live, it was brought to my attention that while Dr. Jüni is a qualified epidemiologist, he has a lackluster resume when it comes to vaccine advice.  (more...)

Ontario's key vaccine passport adviser resigns, leaves Canada

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  1. check into NACI - MOST IF NOT ALL WHO trained and in line to push their agenda and narrative and the same with OST and U of T connections . juni was one of several fear mongering propaganda pimps for the legacy media and government agenda and narrative. The WHO agenda and narrative is unchecked in Canada , just another globalist entity working in plain view wit a complicit traitor globalist government in the liberals and NDP . Here is a good way to identify corrupt politicians , corporations and elites . Every politician elected in the Free World is expected to support the ideology of the Free Market , Capitalist system , freedom , rights and democracy and free will - The ideology and mission statement of Claus schwab and the world economic forum ,WHO , UN , PARIS ACCORD , WORLD BANK , IMF and numerous other globalist entities is world domination , with a one world government , with complete control of humanity through electronic surveillance and monitoring , electronic banking , electronic identification , guaranteed income with vaccines , the end of national sovereignty ,the end of the family unit and many other heinous globalist control policies as stated in UN Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 mission goals . The argument is these are distinct ideologies that cannot exist together . This makes klaus schwab and his globalist entities the number one enemy of Democracy and the Free World. Now how many government and corporate people are caught across the distinction line and openly working for the enemy - they can't work for both sides . This has been going on for several governments but now they are desperately trying to get total control now . We know trudeau ,freeland , sngh , the liberal cabinet , ndp cabinet , various conservatives , theresa tam , NACI , OST , Provincial health authorities , provincial Premiers , Provincial health ministers and many others to control the public with a fake testing and 24/7 fear a propaganda campaign until the ineffectiveness and danger of the vaccines overran their narrative . right now they are scared and dangerous , but evil and headstrong as well . A good article showing this information and explaining the distinction of the ideology puts all the corrupt people in an indefensible position , and anyone on the fence will willingly throw the hardcore globalist traitors under the bus . keep running this narrative and they will fall apart and it is very easy for the Public to understand .It's simple , focused and tough to defend . all the best , Dave .