Monday, August 2, 2021

Satan's Helpers: Nazi Doctors In America


Nazi doctors Satanism MKULTRA cults drugs Tavistock CIA New Age

While U.S. Central Intelligence Agency involvement in experiments with mindaltering drugs in the 1950s and early 1960s was made public in the Rockefeller Commission hearings in 1975, public knowledge of the CIA's MK-Ultra program has remained superficial. If a new Satanic Dark Age is to be prevented, every citizen has a right - and duty - to know the full scope of the secret government's effort to "blow their minds."

The problem is that not only was the Rockefeller Commission's report itself a coverup, but its emphasis upon abuses by U. S. intelligence agencies, by its very nature, eliminated the crucial role of Britain's Tavistock Institute. The paradigm shift which has occurred in the West - to introduce the "Aquarian" values of the "New Age" - was manufactured by the social engineers of Tavistock, at the behest of an Anglo-Saxon oligarchical grouping which not only set itself above nations, but against the Judeo-Christian traditions of Western civilization as well.

by Carol White and Brian Lantz

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