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Frankists and the Catholic Church: The Kosher Clergy of Ireland


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... The first wave of European Frankists came to Ireland in 1761 after the arrest and imprisonment of Jacob Frank in Czestochowa in late 1760. Many of them were members of Frank's family. They mixed with the already existing crypto-Jewish community of Ireland. It is only with this Frankist conversion that these crypto-Jewish families became truly Catholic. The Frankist families took Irish names and identity. Some of the names were Murray (Murzynski), Cullen (Cohen), Murphy (Morpurgo), O'Connor/ Connor (Kinnor/ Konarski), Kinsella (Kaplinski), Maher (Mayer), Doyle (D'Oliveira), McCabe (Maccabi), Lynch (Luntz), Flood (Folda), Brennan (Brainan), Lavin (Zaslavski) , Carroll (Karlin), Nolan (Nolen), Neill (Nehlhans), Walsh (Wolowski) etc.

Cardinal York, who was related to Jacob Frank through the Sobieski family, was a great supporter of the Frankists, as were the Jesuits. Father Thomas Betagh had been a Jesuit supporter and priest to the Frankists in Europe and he continued to do so back in Ireland. He educated a young Frankist boy Daniel Murray whose family (the Murzynski family) had arrived in 1761 to Ireland.

Daniel's father Tam (Tomek) Muzynski (aka Thomas Murray) came to Ireland with his brother Pinchus (Piotr) Murzynski (aka Patrick Murray) with their wives Yehudit (Judith) and Chana (Honoria) Murzynski (nee Mayer) and the whole Mayer (Maher) family. Judith and Honoria Maher were the daughters of Joseph Mayer of Frankfurt and his wife Hannah Rothschild. They were the sisters of Nathan Mayer (aka William Maher) who married a daughter of Jacob Frank known as Annie Jacob (whose Hebrew name was Rivka Shoshana and she took the Christian name of Anna Rosa at her baptism in 1760).

Daniel Murray became the Archbishop of Dublin and he ordained to the priesthood two of the Murphy (Morpurgo) family- Francis and Daniel Murphy who were to become Australian Archbishops. Archbishop Daniel Murray was a relative of the two Murphy cousins through his maternal uncle William (Nathan) Maher (Mayer) whose daughter Catherine (Chaya) Maher married the Frankist Peter (Isaac) Leon Morpurgo (son of Rabbi Elia Hayyim Morpurgo of Italy). Peter took the name of Peter Murphy in Ireland.

The two Archbishop Murphys were Peter's grandsons. Archbishop Francis Murphy of Adelaide through Peter's son Arthur (Aron) who married Brocha Folda (aka Bridget Flood) whose father Joseph was the son of Rabbi Isaac Fulda (Folda/Fuld) of Hamburg and her mother was Catherine (Chaya) Maher (Mayer) another daughter of Joseph Mayer and Hannah Rothschild (the daughter of Herz Moses Rothschild and Hannah Halberstadt). Archbishop Daniel Murphy of Tasmania was the grandson of Peter Morpurgo (Murphy) through Peter's son Michael Murphy who married Miriam Schwienke/ Szalwinski (aka Mary MacSweeney).

Another daughter of William Maher (aka Nathan Mayer) was Miriam Mayer (Mary Maher) who married David Kinnor (David Connor) the Frankist son of Daniel Menke Kinnor (Harf) and his wife Chana Loeb. David and Mary Connor were the parents of two American Bishops- Bishop Michael O'Connor [b.1810] and Bishop James O'Connor [b.1823] of Omaha, Nebraska...  (more...)

Frankists and the Catholic Church


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