Saturday, August 7, 2021

Who is wagging your neighbor's tongue? The militias and Pentecostalism


militias Pentecostalism British Empire terrorism psychological operations cults
Episcopalian charismatic Lt. Col. Ollie North (ret.), friend of George Bush and the British

Two years after the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building, a stream of lies is pouring through British-run media sewers, preparing credulous populists to view terrorism, or even civil war, as inevitable.

The grotesque joke is on the American populists. Their paramilitary militias, and Pentecostal sects, are creations of the very "Godless internationalists" they believe they are resisting. The British Empire high church apparatus seeks to reduce the American mind to that of a clown, a hypnotized "Christian" who babbles or barks like a dog; a "patriot" numbed by anti-government gossip and Armageddonism, so that he sees his own nation as his enemy.

Will these Americans provide cover, and become patsies, for criminal outrages by professional terrorists? In hopes that, instead, they will get out of the game, and turn their righteous anger against their manipulators, we offer this report on how the game is rigged.

This investigation began with a probe into the armed standoff between police and "Republic of Texas" members demanding the secession of Texas, in April 1997. This writer telephoned into the besieged compound and interviewed Richard Otto, alias "White Eagle," who said he was asking members of militias around the country to come to the site, armed for a shootout.

I checked Otto's background, and then shared my findings informally with militia members and others who might have been drawn into the provocation. Otto, it turns out, had been trained and set into motion by an Air Force officer who toured the world practicing New Age pagan rituals, in consultation with senior British intelligence drug-rock-sex gurus such as Gregory Bateson. This unappetizing profile, subsequently spread around by wary militants themselves, helped to discredit and defeat the provocation.  (more...)

Who is wagging your neighbor's tongue? The militias and Pentecostalism

Pentecostalism British Empire militias imperialism

Pentecostalism militias terrorism cults

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