Sunday, March 28, 2021

Donovan's Brain


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In the 1950’s, a Hollywood “B” horror film titled “Donovan’s Brain” made the rounds. The title referred to the disembodied and scientifically resurrected brain of a businessman named Donovan. His brain takes over and dominates people in the living world, bending them to his criminal will.

This program focuses primarily on William “Wild Bill” Donovan, a Wall Street attorney who ran the OSS, America’s World War II intelligence agency.

Dubbed “America’s original man in black,” Donovan did not create the operational relationship between the criminal “Underworld” and the corporate “Overworld,” however he deepened and institutionalized that relationship through national security undertakings, so much so that the current, benighted political landscape might be said to have derived from “Donovan’s Brain.”

The results are a real-life horror movie.  (more...)

Donovan's Brain

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