Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Canadians Target Swedish Historian — Manhattan Supreme Court Ruling — & More


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On Saturday, February 27, the Canadian branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association held a Zoom webinar on “disinformation” about the late Ukrainian fascist Stepan Bandera, starring Svyatoslav Lypovetsky, a nationalist historian from Ukraine who is part of the international leadership of the Banderite youth group.

A week later, someone vandalized Bandera’s grave in Munich by pouring what looks like gallons of tar all around it. Within 48 hours, the Kyiv Post published a “ludicrous” opinion piece on the incident by Stefan Romaniw of Melboune, Australia—the international leader of Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B). As usual, the newspaper failed to identify him as such.

“It is a shame that Stepan Bandera is being demonized not only by Moscow's propaganda, but also by respected German historians,” tweeted the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, ironically named Andrij Melnyk (a chief rival of Bandera). Incredibly, the German head of the Green Party-affiliated Heinrich Böll Foundation in Kyiv possibly got even more upset, firing off more than a dozen tweets and a call for German authorities to “provide protection for the grave” of “Ukrainian freedom champion Stepan Bandera.”  (more...)

Canadians Target Swedish Historian — Manhattan Supreme Court Ruling — & More

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