Monday, February 15, 2021

Sexual breach of trust findings cost 28 Ontario teachers their licence to teach


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Twenty-eight Ontario teachers found by their college to have committed a sexually-related breach of trust have lost their teaching credentials, the Star has learned.

The revocations include a teacher at a Toronto art school who “spooned” with female students on international trips and sent 1,300 sexually charged texts to one female student, including one text where he said he had a dream of performing oral sex on her.

These 28 teachers — the college has only confirmed one name to the Star — lost their privilege to teach on Dec. 8, 2020, when changes to an Ontario law made retroactive the new rule that any teacher previously found guilty by the Ontario College of Teachers of sexual impropriety would lose his or her teaching licence.

Some were still listed in “good standing” up until Dec. 8; most had left the teaching profession in Ontario, according to a College spokesperson. However, anyone checking their credentials, perhaps looking to hire them in another jurisdiction, would not have the full picture of their disciplinary record.

Over the past ten years, Toronto Star reporters have investigated the college’s practice of giving what critics say amounted to a slap on the wrist to teachers who committed sexually inappropriate acts with students. The Star found an inconsistent approach by the college, which regulates teachers in Ontario.

While the college made the move on December 8, 2020, it has not made the information public. When the Star discovered the identity of one teacher who lost his licence — Richard Burdett — a spokesperson for the college confirmed Burdett was one of the 28 who had their licence revoked, but said the full list of names will not be made public until they are published in Professionally Speaking, the college’s official publication, on Tuesday.  (more...)

Sexual breach of trust findings cost 28 Ontario teachers their licence to teach

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