Tuesday, February 9, 2021

New World Order: Corruption in Canada


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The first book of its kind in Canada. Casts rays into the deepest reaches of outer space and at the same time reveals the figures in the political carpet at home, diagnosing the disease that now infects the core of Canadian life: in Parliament, the civil service, the banking system, medical and social services, the Christian Churches, the military, "national security" Intelligence (Communication Security Establishment/CSE, CSIS), academia, and the astonishing penetration of central Canada by the Church of Satan. Reveals the individuals who have been active in creating a different version of Canada from the country our ancestors created and in which their families chose to live. These names include: Maurice Strong, John Polanyi, David Suzuki, Lester Pearson, The Canadian Instutute of International Affairs, Conrad Black, Brian Mulroney, Bob Rae, Mel Hurtig, Paul Desmarais, Pierre Trudeau, and many others. When he started this book in October 1993, Professor O'Driscoll was 'under investigation' by the University of Toronto for having published two prior volumes, of which this is the third of the trilogy. By the time this book was completed in 1994, he had been barred from his office, his files, his books, the Library, and had even been suspended from the University. Author is internationally known as a scholar with some 20 classical books from Oxford University Press, University of Toronto Press, Macmillan of London, Macmillan of Canada, McLean-Hunter, McClelland & Stewart, Canongate in Scotland, Dolmen in Ireland, and George Braziller in New York, who published his 'Celtic Consciousness' which was named by the American Library Association as the Outstanding Academic Book of the Year in its category in the United States in 1982. Professor O'Driscoll turned to his present investigations after events at the University of Toronto began to trigger in his mind a correspondence between what was happening locally and the huge political shifts that were beginning to take place in Eastern Europe. 

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