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Cecil Rhodes, the Roundtable Movement and Eugenics


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The British East India Company, modeled on the older Levant Company of Venice, had been raping India since the early 1700s; but it wasn’t until 1763 that this Venetian faction was able to seize control over the Empire as a whole. It was the rapacious looting policies of this faction that forced the American colonies to declare their independence.

After the American Revolution, the British launched a renewed drive against India, completely conquering the Subcontinent by the first years of the new century. It was in this period that the opium trade, for which India was the linchpin, became the dominant pursuit of the Empire.

After Lincoln’s victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War, and even more so after the 1876 Centennial Celebration, it became clear that the United States could not be conquered militarily.

The British responded by launching the pseudo-science of eugenics, and also the Round Table movements of Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner. In the 1880s and 1890s, this “elite” movement created the Eugenics Society, founded by Sir Arthur Balfour of the Venetian-origin Cecil family and John Ruskin’s “Pre-Raphaelite” Brotherhood.

Opposing the entire European Renaissance; the Round Table of Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Balfour, and their friends, strategists from the African and Asian empire, seeking world power for the Anglo-Saxon master race. These men shared a bored contempt for the existence of mankind, like the satanic Zeus of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound.. Their idea was to convince the United States to join them in their quest for Anglo-Saxon world government while coordinating their commonwealth possessions to that same end. Canada’s proximity to the United States made its role that much more vital to advance the subversion.

The Round Table of Cecil Rhodes was originally centered on the imperial networks of South Africa, which later spawned raw materials monoliths such as Rio Tinto Zinc, Anglo American, Lonrho, and DeBeers. It was this inhuman cabal which ran the Boer War, conducted genocide against the black population, and later set up the horrendous Apartheid regime. One of the wealthiest, most influential, and evil men of his day, Rhodes was a virulent racist, or as he and his friends termed it, a race patriot...  (more...)

Cecil Rhodes, the Roundtable Movement and Eugenics


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