Thursday, December 6, 2018

McCarrick's Victim Speaks Out on McCarrick and St Gallen w James Grein

What is the connection between the St Gallen Mafia meeting in Switzerland and the early studies of ex Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in Sankt Gallen Switzerland? Informed Catholics know that the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis were tied to the Saint Gallen Mafia, but McCarrick's victim James Grein breaks open the story. Dr Taylor Marshall interviews "James" Grein from the New York Times story, and reveals how the young Theodore McCarrick made connections with his family in Sankt Gallen Switzerland and how this event shaped McCarrick's ecclesiastical career and the movement against Pope Benedict XVI with his eventual resignation. Archbishop Vigano's testimony and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI make sense now in light of this discovery of McCarrick's historic connection with the city of Sankt Gallen Switzerland. James Grein also explains the importance of McCarrick as a fundraiser and the importance of the Vatican Bank in the pontificate of John Paul II. If you are interested in the resignation of Pope Benedict and the unusual election of Pope Francis, you must see this video to connect the dots.

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This is not the first instance when Switzerland figured prominently in this blog:


  1. This looks greatly interesting, but who has 2 hours to listen. Transcript?

    1. The key points are covered in the first 30 minutes. It gets a bit repetitive after that and wanders a lot.


    3. There is no adequate explanation of how McCarrick comes up with his rivers of money. My own guess is that the Swiss mileau at St. Gallen is connected to the German Illuminati: