Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Holy Terror

As a sadder but wiser fellow who was active in conservative politics and the pro-life/pro-family movement, I have to acknowledge that these secularists are not completely off the mark. They have as much access to reason as anyone else. And, I've known activists who have not only "snapped", but crackled and popped.

Some questions I wish were addressed are:

  1. Is America run by pseudo-religious cults invented by freemasonic scammers?
  2. Are we living in a bad dream concocted by the Luciferian Tavistock Institute and deployed by the CIA?
  3. Are the Dutch (and Flemish) predisposed by culture and genetics to psychopathy? Or, are they possessed?
  4. Could the Tavistock Institute just as readily burden us with Liberal Fundamentalists? Have they?
Until some good answers are found to these questions, I don't believe the secularists are going to provide any effective solutions. America needs a massive exorcism. This is a spiritual problem, not a political one.

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