Tuesday, June 26, 2018

US, Canada Condemn Deadly Attack on Roma Camp in Ukraine

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The United States and Canada said on Monday they were horrified by an attack on a Roma camp in Western Ukraine in which one man was killed and several wounded, including a ten-year-old boy.

Police have detained ten teenagers suspected of involvement in the violence, which saw a 24-year-old Roma man stabbed to death and four others wounded at a camp on the outskirts of the city of Lviv late on Saturday.

The incident is the deadliest in a spate of recent attacks by nationalist radical groups, which human rights groups say are on the rise due to inaction from the Ukrainian authorities.

“Horrified by attack on Roma camp in Lviv. Perpetrators must be brought to justice. Racist violence has no place in Europe, including in Ukraine,” the U.S. embassy in Ukraine said on Twitter.

Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Waschuk suggested an inadequate response to vigilante far-right violence was partly to blame for the attack.

“Impunity for self-anointed extremist ‘enforcers’ has played a role in this tragedy. Ukraine is obliged to secure the dignity and lives of all its citizens,” he said on Twitter.  (more...)



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