Thursday, June 7, 2018

To Doug, From Your Constituents: Don't Be An Asshole

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The women behind the man
We know you were surprised to win the party leadership. Now you`re surprised to sit in the Premiere`s chair. We understand that you`re unprepared. That doesn`t mean that you`re obliged to be an asshole. First, scrape off the closet Nazis that are clamoring for your legitimization. They`ll embarrass you in the long run. Then, try to be responsible, as you promised. You could start by requiring disclosure of beneficial ownership of Ontario corporations. They are a conduit for money-laundering and tax avoidance, enabling terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. I know that may lose you some of your old friends, but you`re a big boy now. We might even find out who`s flipping Toronto real estate. And, you`ll find all the Efficiencies™ that you`re now scratching your head about.

We, your long-suffering constituency, remember Patrick Brown, Rick Dykstra, Tim Hudak, Mike Harris, and the mysterious John Baird. We are not inclined to set the bar unrealistically high. We won`t even speculate what goes on below your belt. However, we are watching you. Be assured that the endemic corruption in your party will be held up to the light by constituents with inside knowledge of the rot. That may well become the defining issue of your premiership. So, enjoy the champagne. Scarf a few canap├ęs. And, keep looking over your shoulder. We`re here.

Watching the fambly drama, too:

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