Friday, August 25, 2017

Is Trump emboldening right-wing extremism in Canada?

Right-wing demonstrators, member of La Meute, march on Aug. 20 in Quebec City.
The events in Charlottesville, Va. sent shockwaves of horror across the United States and the world.

It seems neo-Nazi ideas are held by great numbers of people — including the president of the United States himself.

But white-nationalist rallies are hardly unique to the United States — several groups here in Canada have planned their own rallies in major cities including Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. In Québec City, La Meute held a rally on Aug. 20 that was met with counterprotests by various anti-fascist and anti-racism groups.

What’s more, two Québec men also attended the white supremacist rally in Virginia in which a woman was killed.

A recent study on right-wing extremism in Canada has shown that there are about 100 active groups operating across the country, and that between 1985 and 2014, right-wing extremism was responsible for more than 120 violent incidents. Despite all of this activity, that’s nonetheless a small fraction compared to the 917 hate groups currently operating in the U.S. according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  (more...)


Prolife for me, but not for thee?

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